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SO very excited to see your union! We wish you the most wonderful day of celebration with doost o famil, to be followed by many even better days of marriage... P.S. Nice website and invitations. :)

Love, ShabSter SaleheZawadzki

Congrats to both of you!!! Wish you a happy life together. Now let's partyyyy!!:)


LILI LILI LILI... This is going to be one of the HAPPIEST nights of my life! May the joy we share at your celebration mark the beginning of your life full of happiness together! Love you two..Can not wait!!!❤


Congratsss !!! Cheers to your new beginning!!! mwah ❤

Noone Zir Kabab

Cannot wait :)


Counting down the days...


summa summa summa time!!! what better way to end a long NYC winter? cant wait!

Nathan Harelson